Additional Educational Opportunities

The goal of the SUCCESS® program is to provide you, our valued partners in hospital blood banking, with premier training to assist you in maintaining your knowledge and understanding of the latest advances in transfusion medicine.

The courses on this page do not give SUCCESS CEU/CME credit but do offer learning opportunities for you and your staff. These courses can be used by your facility to provide individual contact or continuing education credits according to internal protocols, if so desired.

As always, we welcome your feedback on the SUCCESS program and its content.

additional learning

Additional Educational Opportunities: Topics                                                       

**NEW** Case Studies

**NEW** Blood Components and Transfusion Therapy

**NEW** Indications for Transfusion

Massive Transfusion: A Protocol for Bleeding and Non-Bleeding Patients

Transfusion Medicine in the Era of Personalized Genomic Medicine

Blood Administration in the Hospital Setting: Adults                      

Hemorrhagic Fevers and Other Emerging Infectious Threats              


Antibody Detection and Identification                                  

Adverse Reactions to Transfusion: Investigation (Part 1)  

Adverse Reactions to Transfusion: Investigation (Part 2)

Prenatal Testing and Requirements

Blood Administration: Informed Consent

Rh Blood Group System

Preoperative Anemia

Clinical Management of the Serological Interference by DARA

Importance of Drug History when Attempting a Serologic Workup

Zika Update

Serologic Detection of Weak and Partial D - What Does it Mean for Patients and Donors

American Red Cross Connect

Creating a Standard Order

Viewing Information on an Order

Creating an Order Other than Standard

Manage Inventory

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