Case Study: Resolution of a Positive Antibody Screen with a Positive Autocontrol (Release Date: 10/2/2011)
This course is designed to guide the learner through a commonly-encountered serological challenge. Unexpected pre-transfusion test results, including a positive three cell screen and a positive autocontrol require investigation. Resolution and transfusion considerations are discussed.

Case Study: Basic Problem Resolution (Release Date: 5/1/2011)
This program will provide the opportunity to recognize aberrant test results in the initial testing of a blood bank sample. A step-by-step process used to resolve them is discussed. The fundamental approach presented is not only appropriate for this scenario, but for all situations involving unexplained reactivity in initial blood bank testing.

Case Study: ABO Discrepancy & Positive Antibody Screen (Release Date: 3/1/2011)
This course is an interactive case study wherein the user directs the work-up. Abnormal pre-transfusion test results, including an ABO discrepancy and positive antibody screen require investigation. A discussion of ABO discrepancy resolution and literature bearing upon the cause of this particular discrepancy is reviewed.

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