Molecular Biology

How Molecular Methods Can Resolve Typing Discrepancies (presented 01/03/2019)
Instruction Level: Intermediate
Learning Objectives:
-Recognize the different types of discrepancies, involving different samples, methods and reagents.
-Understand how antigen typing discrepancies can be due to antigen density, antigen variants, and limitations of both serologic and molecular method.
-Understand how molecular methods can be used to resolve discrepancies

Update on the use of RHD Genotyping in Serologic Weak D (presented 10/05/2017)
Instruction Level: Intermediate
Learning Objectives:
-Describe how serologic weak D reactivity can be explained by genetic variation in the RHD gene
-Recognize when RHD genotyping can be useful to resolve D typing discrepancies and to inform about risk of alloimmunization by transfusion or pregnancy
-Review the approach used by a major medical center blood bank to identify samples for RHD genotyping and the result of such testing

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