Blood Utilization/PBM


Massive Transfusion and the Role of Plasma Components: Thawed vs. Liquid Plasma (presented 8/16/2018)

Instruction Level: Intermediate

Learning Objectives:

-Discuss the definition and purpose of a massive transfusion protocol (MTP)

-Discuss damage control resuscitation and the role of plasma components

-Describe plasma components and current evidence-based guidelines on plasma use


Inventory Management (presented 6/15/2017)

Instruction Level: Basic

Learning Objectives:

-Define inventory management

-Recognize how to set and assess facility-specific inventory levels and how to calculate optimum inventory, including determination of minimum and maximum inventory levels

-Understand shift in product demand; review (or write) a blood substitution policy for use in shortages, patient blood management, and quality review of inventory


Compendium of Transfusion Practice Guidelines, 3rd Edition (presented 1/26/2017)

Instruction Level: Intermediate

Learning Objective:

-Review of the latest transfusion practice guidelines, outlined in the updated Compendium


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